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"History is more than only places, dates, and names. It's an interconnected web of stories that still have something important to impart to us today."


Based in Southern California, Michelle Stonis is Full-Time Tenure-Track Instructor of History at Glendale Community College. Experienced in both face-to-face and Distance Education instruction, Stonis specializes in teaching United States history and United States women's history. In addition to being an invited speaker to the Walt Disney Animation Studios several times, she also consults in the entertainment industry on feminist issues surrounding body image, intersectionality, and representation.

Stonis creates a student-centered classroom that fosters critical thinking skills while using in-class technology and inquiry-based analytical exercises. Encouraging students to have a growth mindset, she combines historical knowledge, primary source analysis, and current pop culture media to facilitate students’ understanding of the past. Her experience with diverse student populations and various learning styles stems from her extensive teaching experience at a California State University, several community colleges, and a private university.

Whether in a college classroom or a company auditorium, Michelle Stonis teaches to foster awareness, encourage growth, and change history.


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