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From The Remedial Herstory Project:
This week we chatted with professor Michelle Stonis about her Master’s Thesis on the wives of missionaries sent to Hawaii. If you don't know this history—you must—because it brings the full story of the US acquisition of Hawaii to light.

Specializing in United States history and United States women's history, Michelle Stonis is a Full-Time Tenure-Track Instructor of History at Glendale Community College in the Greater Los Angeles region. She is the founding Co-Director of GCC's Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium. After receiving a two-year grant, this partnership bridges curriculum between the History and Journalism Departments as students are supported in reporting on the critical issues involving gender around the world.

Stonis's own research focuses on the negotiated gender roles of 19th-century missionary wives, which earned her Best Thesis in the College of Liberal Arts award. She consults in the entertainment industry on feminist issues surrounding body image, intersectionality, and representation. You can find her work at and connect on Instagram at professor.stonis.

A lesson plan for this podcast on the Sandwich Island missionaries, the impact on Native Hawaiian culture, and the annexation of Hawaii is available at

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